~ Links ~

Please visit the links on this page for valuable information and resources
pertaining to this wonderful art form

Artemis  -my favorite and most historically knowledgeable instructor, my
mentor, my Sensei.  Specializes in Greek/Turkish/Rom.

Shira  -an excellent website.  Anything and everything you wanted to
know about bellydance.

Rhea, Piper, and Melina  -Rhea and her daughters are the most talented
family I know!  They are not only very accomplished artists, but they are
also very intelligent and personable.

Bhuz-This website is everything a bellydancer wants to know in "real
time".  There is a forum and many groups to join. Come and see what
the "bhuz" is all about!

New World Gypsy -If you are looking for a gypsy troupe to entertain at
your next event-this is the group you want! A very experienced,
entertaining and talented group of dancers and musicians.
Belly Dance By
Helena Zahra