I had been browsing through a dance magazine when an article
written by a famous dancer called my attention.  The article was well
written but its message is one that all dancers and anyone looking for
an entertainer should consider.   The message was this:  
It does not
matter, necessarily, how long a dancer has studied.  It is more
important to know who the dancer has studied with,  what the
student has taken away from the experience and how they practice
the techniques that were taught.

I am happy to give credit to those who have taught me what I know
today.   I first learned from two instructors that had studied with
Marika-Kate and Shadia. Then I took several seminars with:
Z-Helene- TX, Valerie Rushmere- Philadelphia, Fleur Frascella-
Philadelphia, Azhia, Eva Cernik-CO,  Nursel- Turkey, Yasmin-
D.C.,  Drago-Russian Roma, Reyhan Tuszus-Turkey, Princess
Farhana-Hollywood CA,  Bozenka-FL, and  Melina and Piper from
daughters of Rhea. I have studied privately with and performed in
Greece with Rhea. I have also just returned from studying dance in
Turkey. Egypt is also on my schedule for next year!
I have been working intensively with Artemis Mourat the last
fourteen years and about five years ago, have begun to work
privately with Anahid Sofian-NY. Also, I have studied privately with
Samira Shuruk-MD and Shadia/Christine of Boston MA.

Each of these women have defined who I am as a dancer today.  I am
grateful to have had the opportunity to study with each of them.
Belly Dance By
Helena Zahra

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